Listen as you learn again


To the workings of the churning mechanics                                                                                                                                 

Of the neural mind 2


Like shifting ladders 3

Pushed by absent hands

The electromagnetic Kappa Delta Theta

Fields of consciousness build

Up the brain

And fold the flesh around

As you form your identity 4


The waves pulse through a billion neurons

Head to head

Over and

Between the wrinkled flaps

With all their labeled functions

As you reflect on a pleasant memory

Or extract the meaning from the sound

Of I love you

Like the Mammal you are 5


The gentle hum illuminates your thinking

Turns you on

And makes you a being

Worth being 6

Those are the reasons we are 7

Those floating fields

Those airborne vibrations 8


This isn't hippy-shit

This is science 9

But all of the details are bullshit 10

  1. This can’t be the real title

  2. Oh Sweet Jesus here he goes

  3. He means the stairs from Harry Potter

  4. Holy shit he's pulling this straight out of his ass

  5. This doesn’t even make sense

  6. Is he for real?

  7. He can’t be

  8. This is turning into some hippy-shit

  9. He has no scientific credibility

  10. I get lost in these layers of bullshit