Solubility Dissolving by Santiago Aguado

Ah, the problem. Problematic, the problem. Where'd it go? Elusive, the 

problem—chemically unstable. The problem is always the subject. Subject? Subject 

of what? Who knows. Imponderable is the problem. The problem is imponderable. 

Not that it cannot be pondered. It can. It must. It has Is that the problem? 

Nope. The problem confuses, but it is not confused—it is not-confused. So non-

confusion would not be a problem? I am confused. If I am confused and I said non-

confusion was the problem, then I am in big the problem's offspring. The offspring 

of the problem. That would be a good title for this. TROUBLE! Problem. It doesn't 

even sound like a word any more. Problem. Prob-lem. Proble-m. Paroblem. 

Parolbem. Blemprob. Blemprob. Glob. Problem! Problem! The problem could be 

chanted like the theme song to the 2013 pillow fight in Washington Square Park. 

Pillows! Pillows! Problems! Problems! Maybe we should start a political party called 

Problem. A sociopolitical problem party called Problem. But we wouldn't accept 

anarchists because then our offspring would eat us. Problem! Solution