For online submissions: Have a response to one of the prompts? Want it to be posted on the website? Then send your piece to with your name and a mention of the prompt to which you're responding. Submissions may be in the form of any media; text, visuals, or audio; analytical or creative, but we'd thank you if you kept your text responses under 1,500 words.

For print submissions: If you would like to submit a piece for publication in our printed journal, kindly send your submission to In the email subject line, please put the following:

Bricolage Submission 2016: Last Name, First Initial (year in school)

Our journal is published annually in the spring, so all print submissions must be submitted by February 9th. We evaluate submissions anonymously. 

When submitting your work, please follow these guidelines:

We do accept:

  • Works of creative writing, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and many other genres
  • Critical Essays
  • Works in multiple languages
  • Works of visual art, including painting, photography, graphic design, architectural design, and many other media

We do not accept:

  • Previously published work
  • Work currently under consideration for another journal
  • More than three submissions from any one person

Print Guidelines:

All print pieces should use MLA citation with a works cited page. They should be sent to in either .doc or .docx format.

Print submissions should not include the author's name or other personal information.

Visual Art Guidelines:

All images should be sent to in either high-res .jpeg or .tiff format (at least 1800 x 1800).

Please carefully proofread all work before you submit it. Pieces accepted for publication may be lightly edited for grammar and spelling.

Creators retain all rights to their submitted work.